Yes you can

My whole life people are telling me „you can’t do this, you can’t do that“. And I always answer these people: „Maybe YOU can’t do that. But there will always be somebody who talks less and just begin to do it. And then it will be done in a minute. Or maybe two.“

Born stubborn with a natural mix of curiosity and creativity

If I have to describe myself I would say I was born stubborn with a natural mix of curiosity, creativity and the love to all kinds of visual enjoyment. And consequential an addiction to motion pictures. That’s why I did a lot of different things in my life. All connected to media somehow: I started right after my studies of German literature, media science and musicology as autodidactic freelancing editor for motion pictures – primarily documentaries – and had three movies running at the Berlin International Film Festival, I worked as Director of Photography, too and did a bunch of documentaries and feature films, even one of them with a theatrical US release. I started to work as a educator, too. I did a few workshops for Youtube influencers at the Youtube Space in Berlin. Beside that I always worked as a post production guy – primarily as colour grader. And beside that I worked as photographer, primarily as event photographer – always interested in the retouching process, too.  And during all this I started at some point to produce – for example the video podcast for the German vice-chancellor – and then I worked as creative producer and media consultant for the first media house in Germany who is into Medical Cannabis. And there I had to shoot some food pictures for the first German Cannabis lifestyle magazine. And that was the moment where I discovered my new love: food & beverage photography. 


These Cannabis infused soup, goulash and an egg punch were the first food photos I ever took – handheld. I’m not super-proud of them, but you have to start somewhere and it was my first food publication in a magazine.

Challenge accepted

And because life is a succession of unpredictable events this matched to private changes – because my wife and me decided to move to Ireland with our little daughter. So I hardly needed a modified business concept for making a living, because some Irish friends told me that the media market there is a very closed one and nobody is waiting there for a German multi-talent like me. Sad, but true. But you know what: Challenge accepted! 😉

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Whatsoever – thanks for your time. Live long and prosper!

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